Online jobs work from home:
Do you blog or build a web site?

So you try to do an online jobs work from home. You heard about people who make money working online and making tons of it. So you give it a try. So what's the harm? Plenty of free blogging service around to build a free web site. After months of blogging, you homebiz blogging web site hardly gets any web site traffic. And even if you do, the money that comes in only trickles in.

What gives? How did those guys do it? You scour the web sites, search here and there, you get tips about blogging, you take those advise and use it, you may or may not see some improvement, and after awhile, you may just want to give it up. Perhaps there is a secret in doing it. And those guys are not telling it for free.

Do you blog or build your web site business?

Well, let me tell you the secret, for free too. No need to buy any stupid ebook, which they let you in on a small part of their secret and ask you to buy more of their ebooks or their friends ebook and so on and so forth. Stop wasting your money and your precious time. There is a way to make money working online and it is called Site Build It! (SBI)

Uh, uh, not another site trying to sell you something. No wait, this is not something that I wrote or made up, but it is something that Sitesell has developed over the years to help people like you and me to set up an online homebiz. They based it on the fact that many people are not having a great time working as an employee. No financial freedom, no time freedom. But with the new age of internet marketing and online jobs work from home is the best thing to come about.

However there are some caveats, blogging is not building a web business. How so? Blogging is more like a journal, most people will drop in, find what they need by reading one post, and then say sayonara to your blog. You don't get much followings by blogging. Your bounce rate (you know, they pop in, don't find what they want, they pop out within 5-10 seconds and never come back) will be very high, probably in the range of 80-90%. I know, I have a blog too, and that's why I can tell you that figure. But I also have a proper well created web site using SBI, which has a normal bounce rate (in the region of 40-50%), on top of that, I build relationship with those visitors. They come back again and again to visit my web site. They refer others when people are looking for that particular information and my web site traffic just keeps increasing!

I can't deny the fact that SBI just works when it comes to creating a web site to create online jobs work from home situation. Their system just works for anything that could be done online. They are more than just a web site creation system, they provide tools and automation that normal web hosting services or free blogging web sites do not provide. They even guide you with their manual and if you have some problem about your online business development, you could check out their forum where people have similar questions about building an online home business.

SBI is not just for homebiz, it can be used for your normal business too. If you tried blogging to build your small business up, and find it a big struggle and time consuming, wasting your precious time of blogging instead of running your small business, than it is time to switch over. It is small price to pay for an investment that would bring in dividends to your small business or home business.

I even use the SBI system for the company that I work for, and within a short span of time, we were receiving inquiries for our products and services. Previously, my company web site hardly created a blip online, now the traffic is growing and I can only attribute it to what SBI has thought me about building a web site that works!

So what would it be? Blog or Build? I can only say so much. I'll let SiteSell SBI explain it more in detail. So head on over to their site and let them explain the difference between blogging and building a web site and how to truly create successful work from homebiz web site.

SBI: Do you Blog or Build a web site business?