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In business, one of the most often heard, it is sometime who you know rather than how hardworking that gets your business ahead. Likewise in the internet world of web business, it always good to have good contacts to carry your business forward.

So what I have here are a collection of business network links who sought me out. These online entrepreneurs would like to have some exposure for their online business activities.

Now you see, the online world is such that links help to create connections. Not just for normal online business owners like you and me who want to create as much exposure about their web business, but in other ways also for the search engines which are seeking out business information content to be included into their search directories. The list in the search engine is pretty much automatic. But in order to help spur them along, we need to do our part to help it along in their indexing of business websites.

So what this means is that we help out each other by linking to each other's web business. The simple way to do it is to create a link resource page and create a list of business directory in our own website. Sort of an online version of "you scratch my back, and I scratch yours."

Anyhow, it does take some effort to seek out similar web business websites. Because such search engine crawlers/robots/spiders as they call it, have their own mind so to speak. Actually it is a set of algorithm that determines how your online website would be indexed. So it might be prudent to link with similar type websites, in this case web business types with web business types. It not only helps with visitors who are looking for such type of info, it also indicate how the website is to be indexed.

If you are interested to exchange links to enhance your web business network, do contact me. The fastest way to do this would be to create a link on your side first than contact me for the returning favour. Give it a few days for reply in case I'm too busy or send me a reminder. If it takes longer than a week, then probably I'm not interested to exchange links (or I could be on a long vacation). Well you could give another tinker if you are bent on getting the exchange. Persistence does get you somewhere you know!