Getting started with your work from home biz online job

The getting started is the most difficult part. We all have a certain amount of inertia which we need to overcome. When times are good, we feel very settled in our comfort zone. Everything is taken care of, every finances moves smoothly. We feel very cosy that we could meet all our needs and wants.

Until of course there is a strong motivation to get a moving or something unexpected happens which forces us to do something. Even after signing up with some business program the resistance is still there. Doubts and insecurity might creep in hampering our every effort.

Or we could get very excited at the prospect of starting an online job work from home biz, but get bog down by too many ideas, and big great plans!

We may fall into the "Ready, aim, ready, aim..." situation, never quite pulling the trigger.

Dream big! Yes, aim high! But do take the first step. The journey of a thousand miles starts with your very first step. So put on your shoes, grab your backpack with all your equipment ready, and letís get going!

First sign up with Sitesellís Site Build It (SBI), then when all the formalities is done, go to their action plan page and start reading and learning how SBI could be used to start your online work from home biz job. Basically SBI it just a platform from where you use it as a launch pad to start your online home biz. So the business idea will have to come from you. They do provide you with a brainstorming tool to find out whether your business idea is worth doing or not. The idea behind the brainstorming tool is to find out whether there is a good demand to your business idea and if it is viable, how much competition you would face if you plan to go ahead with that idea of yours.

Donít feel stuck about generating the business idea, because when it comes to internet business, it boils down to what the people wants. It is all about information. Everybody got something to tell. A knowledge, a skill, or information that people are looking to answer their question or problem. When you have that skill and it matches with what people want, you provide them with the solution, and if it clicks, then you could monetize it.

When I first started out, the concept was new to me. Sure I know a fair bit about web sites, software, computers, but running a business online? I thought it was for the big boys who has the budget to spare. It didnít occur to me, common people like us could start an online business and earn enough to support ourselves. SBIís web site has many testimonials of people making a successful online web business, so convincing was it that I decided to give it a try. After all SBI gave a risk free trial. If it didnít work for you, you could ask for a refund.

The initial part was a toughie. It is always the "getting started" part that prevents many people from taking the leap whether it starting up on SBI, or even a home biz on the offline world. You put in some work and of course the anticipation builds. You won't see instant results, but you would see the traffic trickle in. Don't forget, when you sign up for SBI, it is for the long haul.

They always said that if you do something that you have passion, something that you like, the money will come. Yes. It will. You just need to find out how. Have a little in faith in yourself, in the things that you like. Your passion. It will shine through when you build your web site. It will grow. And when you have found the monetizing model, the money will come.

Yep, it will come. It just the getting started part. Building something from ground up. It is a challenge. Overcoming the barrier to your success, you need to give yourself a goal. When your online work from home biz is thriving enough for you to quit your day job and achieve financial freedom. You will look back and see that it was all worth it.

As they said, "Work with passion, and the money will follow..."