Working From a Home Business?

Why work from home? Why not? More and more people are opting to work at home rather than being employed on a 9-to-5 job. Those who made it really enjoy a greater reward and satisfaction than holding on to a day job. To be a master of your own destiny, to be calling the shots and reaping whatever rewards you put your mind to it, and enjoy a greater degree of freedom in comparison to a person who is holding a normal job. Though this ideal can be debatable, but if you ask any entrepreneur to go get a day job and you would most likely get strange look from his face, and he would be telling you to "go fly a kite!"

Now more than ever, more and more people are doing some kind of home business in one way or another. With many corporations downsizing in order to remain competitive, shifting their manufacturing plant to a cheaper workforce location to cut cost, holding a full time job is no longer a security. There are instances where pay increase has been frozen or even reduced just so the company can stay afloat. Not to forget, inflation which makes our real income become smaller. I have come across a study somewhere that compared with situation of say 50 years ago where only the father is the breadwinner, while in the current situation where both parents are working, the actual real income per capita is actually decreasing!

A home business is not necessary small income. It can be big business like running an importing-exporting trading business, perhaps dealing with expensive hi-tech equipment or bringing in exotic aquarium fish for the hobby market. All you need is a good idea, not necessary a great idea, a good one will do, and the determination to carry it through.

One can dream big, and there is no other way to go about it. Thinking small only net you small income, but with grand plans, at least if you can't achieve the target you set yourself, an 80% success might still be a good thing. Perhaps even 50% achievement might be good too. Of course you still need to be prudent in how to go about achieving the big dream.

Working for your own self can be highly enjoyable, rewarding and profitable, but it will not be an easy road initially. Especially if you have been attuned towards working for somebody as opposed to working for yourself. There will be many points to consider before embarking on the path of starting up a home business. Although you will still need to do some fact finding about the type of business you can do, too much research and data might lead to a kind of analysis paralysis. No information gathering can be that complete and whatever you take on there will always be something that you might not know. This is when you take the leap of faith and "just do it!" like the Nike slogan!

As you start up the business, you will learn as you go along, building up your skills and contacts necessary to achieve success. And as you go on chugging along your business, you will still find yourself lacking in certain areas and problems to overcome. But with optimism and a "can do" attitude, situation can turn into your favour.

So all you need now is to pluck up your courage to take the first step. Perhaps take a baby step. After all Rome wasn't build in one day. And as you take step after step, than one day looking back, you have found yourself traveled a thousand miles and you know you have made the right decision.

So welcome to my website as we explore the possibilities of starting up a profitable home business that will provide you the satisfaction and security not afforded by ordinary employee but by truly becoming more than you are capable of.

Jan Leow.

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