Why start a homebiz using Site Build It

When I was first searching the internet for a viable online jobs work from home internet homebiz, I happen to chance upon Sitesell's Site Build It web site. At that time I was still new into using internet as a viable way of running a homebiz. I have absolutely no idea how to go about doing it. Though I have fooled around building website using those free web sites, I have not thought about going into building website seriously for business.

Browsing through the pages of Sitesell, I found it intriguing that one could achieve financial freedom by doing something they always loved to do. They talked about having a passion in doing the things you loved, things that matters to your heart, and still making a comfortable income from it. It was quite a dream.

One of the quotes that really caught my eye while browsing around the site was this:

"The biggest mistakes people make in life is NOT making a living at doing what they most enjoy" -- Malcom S. Forbes

Now that really got me thinking a lot. Sure I get a comfortable pay working for somebody but it never fires me up whenever I go to work. Sometimes it is such a drudgery trying to solve the issues at work and the employers are not appreciative of what I did.

I didn't sign up immediately but I did bookmark Sitesell and repeatedly revisit to study more about what they have to offer. They have many good testimonials and very interesting case studies of how people used the SBI e-business system to start their own online jobs work at home internet business. Just about any kind of products and services could be promoted in the internet business.

I read through each testimonial and how SBI was used successfully to start their own homebiz, working from home and building a successful internet business. Some were truly amazed at how the SBI system worked in their favour as their home business grew slowly and surely with the income growing gradually until they could finally call it quits with their employer and found true financial freedom. No more do they need to be at the back and call of demanding bosses or difficult work conditions. They could re-align their passion and priorities and live a life that they can truly enjoy.

This is certainly a dream worth chasing for.

The information provided was very appealing and the stories were really heart warming. With so many of them building a very successful internet business it was time for me to do mine too. With credit card in hand, I surfed to their order page and sign up for SBI. In fact there wasn't much to worry about as they provide money back satisfaction. Sure their price tag was rather high, and I did wonder how I would be able to make a successful go at building a successful internet business. Once the transaction was done, I could now login into my account with all the tools for successful homebiz at my disposal.

It won't be an easy start, because there were many things to learn. A welcome email was received and in it was also some instruction as to how to go about to build your own web site into a successful internet business. In fact there was a lot of reading to do!

One of the points they put across was that this internet business is not an overnight thing but will be build upon page by page like a tortoise in a race. It is not an instant overnight success thing but something that you will have to work on little by little. They also provided an instruction manual that you will teach you the concepts of how you could make use of the internet and their tools to create something that will grow and grow.

Site Build It espouses a simple concept which they pattern it as C-T-P-M.

Provide what the masses want through writing good quality Content and over deliver, giving more than what they need so that they know what you have to offer is much better than anybody else online.

This in turn will drive in the much needed Traffic to your web site because the visitors knows that your web site is the best of the best and would also help to highlight to others that if somebody is looking for that related information, do visit your web site.

With ever increasing web site traffic, it is time to warm up to your potential prospects. This is where you Pre-sell to them what you have to offer. If the offer matches their needs, then you got yourself a good chance for closing a transaction.

And of course, when they are interested and take on your offer; you have just Monetized your web site. Repeat the whole process again continuously and with a web site it is almost always on automatic mode.

With the above in mind, I started building my first few pages. It was slow at first, especially in the first couple of months. The web site traffic was just a trickle. Undaunted I just kept chugging along building page after page and following the steps provided in the manual. Soon after I got sufficient web site traffic and was beginning to get returns from my monetizing model.

By following the instructions, and consistently kept going, never giving up and soldering on, I did manage to get a fairly successful web site with lots of traffic. I haven't quite reached the status of financial freedom just yet, but the increased web site traffic has lots of good monetizing potential and many opportunities to gain additional income.

The SBI system actually works and works exceedingly well. Recently my brother-in-law wanted to do some photography business and he roped me in to help out to make a web site. Within a few short months we started to get many inquiries for photography jobs. And that too, we really didn't do a good job making a nice web site (after all we had some differences in opinions and took us longer than usual to put up a proper web site).

So if it can work for us, it certainly can work for you. Looking for an online jobs work from home biz to consider?

Take up Sitesell's Site Build It and see how it can make it work for you!