Introduction: Online jobs work from home biz opportunity

Looking for an online jobs work from home biz opportunity? Look no more! You have come to the right place!

There was a time I was contented just chugging along, part of a cog in the wheel of corporate workforce. Clocking in my daily time and perhaps even doing more than required of my personal time to ensure the company's business will run smoothly. But somehow I felt there was more to just working for people. After all, the company never did take care of my well being and my efforts were never appreciated. It came to my conclusion that companies are just managed by people who are more concern about their own well being than their employees. What matters to bosses most has always been whether the sales target has been met and whether they themselves look good so that they have opportunities of further advancement in the corporate ladder. There may be some superiors who do look after their employees, but somehow not the one I worked for.

One day while browsing around online, I happen to chance upon Sitesell's Site Build It or SBI as they are known for short. It was intriguing to say the least. And there were many testimonials of people succeeding using their SBI method of building a web business. Their concept was simple. What do people look for in the internet? For information, for products, and for services. And if you could somehow build a web site that caters to say a particular target niche, could you not build a successful business from it?

Work from home, SBI just might be your ticket home

I didn't jump headlong into it, I needed to study further and check out those web sites that were doing well. And true enough there were many successful web sites on various subjects, ranging from travel related web sites, info sites, to sites selling specific products and services. Each one at the top of their field of expertise. If they can do it, so could I. So I took the plunge and there was no looking back since.

I was able to use their system to build an interesting travel related web site. It was really fascinating how the SBI worked, even as early as a month the web site traffic began to start rolling in even though I just got a few pages up. As I wrote more and more, the web site traffic started to grow and after a year of hard work, the web site was the best amongst my other rival web sites. It was so good that other web sites tried to mimic what I did and some even stole content from my site much to my chagrin. By attempting to copy my site, it was a testament to the success of using SBI. Of course I contact the webmaster to remove the stolen content and they complied accordingly.

As for the returns, it was more than cover the cost of SBI and it was a bonus supplement to my current income. Of course if I wanted to, I could do other monetizing options, but I was quite satisfied with the extra for now.

What makes SBI different from other purportedly online business system? For one, they were pretty realistic in their offer, not like those "too good to be true get rich quick" plug in the package and see instant profits online that are on offer. I did get hold of some of their technique and those tricks that they use to trap people into buying their gimmicky products and their way of making money online. Perhaps they do work to make money for themselves at least, but after going through their technique I decided I would not want to engage in questionable ethics of making money online. Besides I find the eBooks or products that they sold do not have lasting value and some are not even worth the price paid.

And the other thing about SBI is that it can be used to tie in with your brick-and-mortar business or perhaps use it to pull lead for your MLM network business. You could create an online store and sell your products online. Perhaps you got a skill like say photography, you could use SBI to successfully market yourself. And that is just what I did together with my brother-in-law. In just a few short months we were getting inquiries for shooting wedding events! And even then I didn't provide my full attention in building it into a proper web site. What's more to say? SBI just works! Truely Sitesell's Site Build It (SBI) is definitely the online jobs work from home biz opportunity that should not be passed!

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